How to use this site

Translate the site

All of the text on the site is translatable into a number of different community languages. At the top of the home page you will see a box which says ‘select language’.

image of landing page showing translate drop down box on top right

Search the site

If you are looking for a specific piece of information you can use the search box on the top of the home page

image of screen shot showing results of search on site for reflux

A guide to the main sections of the site

There are four main sections on the Keeping My Chest Healthy site

How can I keep my chest healthy?– Health promotion and how to stay well. 

Green button for How can I keep my chest healthy section

Things that affect my chest health – Risk factors for respiratory health

Keeping My Chest Healthy Care Plan – Designed to be used alongside your Keeping My Chest Healthy Care plan, this section contains videos and guidance to help you, and those who support you to know what you need to stay well and what to do if you are unwell. 

How to know when I’m unwell – Information about signs that you may be unwell including recognising sepsis.

Finding more information on pages

Most topic pages have short introduction sections and use photos or Easy on the i images to help explain topic information. There are also boxes with plus (+) signs beside them which you can click on to explore more information.

screen shot to show boxes with plus sign on left hand side that you can click on for more information

Keeping My Chest Healthy Care Plan section

In this section there is an explainer video at the top of the page. The tab above this video allows you to choose the English or the Urdu version of the video. All of the script in the video is also below so can be viewed, in written form, in your chosen language.

Below the introduction, there are a range of different resource topic cards that cover activities, equipment, medication and interventions that you might have to help you keep your chest healthy. These will have been introduced to you in your Keeping My Chest Healthy paper based Care Plan. You can select all of the topics that relate to you, or that you are interested in, and click the ‘My resources’ button at the bottom to see them all on one page.

You can click on these topics to find out more and watch ‘how to’ videos made my service users, carers and our Avatar called Sara.

screen shot showing the Care Plan resource topics with boxes ticked to select 'my resources'
box saying my resources at bottom of My Care Plan page
Screen shot showing my resources
showing one of the Care Plan topic pages
Showiing My Care Plan videos with English and Urdu tabs