About your nebuliser

You have a Nebuliser to keep your chest healthy. The nebuliser turns liquid medication into a fine mist. This allows you to breathe your medicine straight into your lungs where it can work quickly.

How to use your nebuliser

  • First, make sure you are sat in a comfortable upright position 
  • Place the nebuliser on a level surface close to you
  • Plug your nebuliser in
  • Connect one end of the tubing to the Nebuliser and the other end to the nebuliser pot
  • Some nebulisers have a small plastic piece inside called a baffle
  •  If your nebuliser has a baffle, make sure this is in place or it won’t work
  • Put your medication inside
  • Screw the lid back on tightly
  • Keep the nebuliser pot upright, so it doesn’t spill any of the liquid medication
  •  Connect the face mask to the nebuliser pot
  • Fit the face mask over your nose and mouth.
  •  This needs to fit snugly to stop the medication leaking from the sides
  • You can adjust the mask using the elastic straps at the sides
  • Use the power button to turn on your nebuliser
  • Try not to talk
  • Relax and breath at your usual pace through your mouth to inhale the mist
  • Tap the side of the nebuliser pot with your finger to move any droplets of medication back into the pot
  • You will see a mist coming from the mask
  • This will stop when all of the medication has finished
  • It can take 5-10 minutes
  • You can now remove your mask and switch off your machine
  • Gently clean your face

Non-urgent advice: Cleaning and maintaining your nebuliser

After each use unplug the nebuliser.

 Disconnect the nebuliser pot and wash in warm soapy water, rinse and allow it to air dry.

 Check and wipe your mask with a clean damp cloth and allow it to air dry.

 Check the tubing regularly for any kinks or holes.

 Replace the pot, tubing, and face mask every two months.

Top Tips

  • Your machine may look a little different to the one in the video but it will work the same. 
  • Refer to the manual that came with your machine if needed.    
  • It can feel strange when you first start to use your nebuliser. Try to relax. Listen to music or watch TV.
  • If you have any problems with your nebuliser you can call the number on the machine or speak to the person who gave you it, to ask for help.