graphic showing man in wheelchair wearing a vibrovest

About your vibrovest

Everyone has mucus in their lungs. This is usually cleared when you cough, or when you take deep breaths in the way you do when you are exercising. If the mucus is not cleared regularly, it can lead to a chest infection.

A vibro vest is a vest that vibrates and can help you to loosen and clear mucus that is on your chest.

A vibrovest

  • Can be useful if you have a weak cough
  • Can help if you have a lot of mucus that you are having difficulty clearing.
  • Can be used as an alternative to chest physiotherapy
  • It can also be used as well as chest physiotherapy
  • Inflates and deflates quickly to create a vibration against the chest wall which helps to loosen mucus in the lungs 

How to use your vibrovest

vibrovest machine
  1. Place the machine on a stable surface and plug in.
Plugging lead into back of vibrovest machine
plugging hose into back of vibrovest machine

2. Insert the air hoses into the holes in the machine – make sure the white marks on the hose are aligned with the blue markers on the machine then turn the hose 90 degrees clockwise to align the white markers with the padlock marker on the machine

wrapping vibrovest vest or band around chest area
fastening velcro or straps of vibrovest and making sure that you can still fit a hand inside so it's not too tight

3. Wrap the vest around the chest and under the armpits, do not place over the stomach.  The vest should fit closely but with room to slide one hand between the chest and vest.  

inserting air hoses into vibrovest
Inserting both hoses into the pockets of the vibrovest

4. Insert the smooth ends of the air hoses into the two pockets on the side of the vest.  Make sure the smooth part of the hose is completely inserted

Showing on button on front of vibrovest

5. Press the on button on the front of the generator.

showing pressure button on front of vibrovest

6. Press the arrow above the normal button:

Showing the readings on the vibrovest machine

7. The frequency, pressure, and time can be adjusted using the allows indicated.  Your care plan will tell you what these settings should be.

8. Press On to inflate the vest

9. Press On again to start vibrations

10. Press Off to stop

The vest can be used for up to 70 uses.

Wipe over the machine with warm soapy water.